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Developer License
The Matisse developer trial version with limited features is free.
For developer license pricing please contact the Matisse Sales
Department at Hoodia gordonii online apotheke.

Deployment License
The pricing of Matisse DBMS is competitive with Microsoft's SQL Server
pricing, and starts at $1,570 for the 2 users Standard Edition.
The pricing of Matisse Lite, the embedded version of Matisse DBMS,
starts at $245 for 1 user. For more details, please contact
the Matisse Sales Department at Finasteride vs dutasteride hair loss.

Education & Non-profit Pricing
For information regarding discounted Matisse licensing available
for qualified educational and non-profit organizations please
contact the Matisse Sales Department at Generic finasteride available in us.

OEM/VAR Programs
To obtain information regarding Matisse OEM/VAR Programs
and associated licensing options, please contact
our Sales Department at

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