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Native Objects and SQL
Matisse is the Next-Generation of data management products that offers native object storage and support for SQL. The principal benefits of this hybrid approach is that Matisse decreases code complexity by eliminating the need to perform object-relational (O/R) mapping, and increases performance by eliminating the overhead associated with O/R mapping. Matisse customers have reported reductions in code size by as much as 40% and performance increases as much as 30X.

Native object support means that Matisse was designed from the ground up to support all standard object constructs and capabilities including polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation, true navigation, unique object identifiers and bi-directional links between objects at the system level.

Matisse's server-based SQL implementation complies with the entry-level SQL standard (with object extensions and support for referential integrity, stored procedures). Matisse also supports ANSI SQL filtering, sort, projection, and aggregates.

Matisse's direct manipulation of objects allows Matisse to speed object-oriented development by enabling developers to map objects directly to the database from their applications. Developers working directly with a Java, C++, VB, C#, PHP, Eiffel, Python or other languages can directly access and manipulate objects in the database. Matisse's object-to-object mapping avoids the overhead of O/R mapping which is complex and imposes performance penalties when objects have to be deconstructed into relational tables then later re-assembled.

Matisse SQL statements can be embedded directly into any of the numerous object-oriented languages that are supported by Matisse. A Matisse SQL statement manipulates object instances of Matisse classes, which are qualified by their class name. A Matisse SQL statement can access both the relationships and the attributes of Matisse objects. 3rd party tools (reporting, OLAP, monitoring and etc.) can use Matisse's standard SQL implementation to deliver native SQL ODBC/JDBC connectivity between powerful tools and the Matisse DBMS.

Matisse's support for standard SQL makes it possible to easily migrate existing SQL programs to use Matisse. The performance of SQL-based applications is often substantially better on Matisse than on relational databases because Matisse's architecture eliminates the need for de-normalization and processing-intensive complex joins when accessing related data since Matisse doesn't need to maintain multiple indices for each table, as required by a relational database.

Reusable SQL Components
In Matisse, SQL is a complete, component-oriented programming language, which allows the database programmers to design and implement reusable and extensible SQL components. Matisse SQL Stored Methods are giving you the benefit of an abstract layer to access objects, which lets you extend features of an application by simply adding classes to the class hierarchy without the need to modify any of the source code already released.

Matisse unique SQL technology is a break-through for server-side database programming. By unifying the extensible data type system and the Relational data model into a simple extensible component-oriented model, Matisse has pushed the envelope of SQL programming beyond relational capabilities.

Data Transformation Services
Matisse Data Transformation Services provides a set of graphical tools, command line utilities and programming interfaces to help administrators and developers solve data exchange, including the extraction, transformation, and consolidation of data from disparate sources to single or multiple destinations.

Matisse has now extended capabilities for extraction, transformation and loading of data from Relational or XML sources into a Matisse database, thus streamlining the migration path from/to external database management systems.

The transition between a relational database and Matisse is a straightforward two-step process, which consists of (1) importing relational data in a table format into Matisse, then (2) regenerating the semantic links between data elements that have been lost in the process of transforming the logical model into its relational counterpart.

Matisse Data Transformation Services can also be used to export data from a Matisse database to participate in data consolidation of disparate departmental applications into a central repository running a legacy database server.

Matisse Data Transformation Services also allows developers and administrators to manipulate data in XML format to participate for example in web services transactions.

Database Enterprise Manager
The new Database Enterprise Manager tool has been designed to better expose the simplicity and self-healing capabilities built in the product. Matisse Database Enterprise Manager makes administrators more productive by ensuring the optimum level of performance all the time and thus removing tedious administration tasks from DBAs daily routines.

Matisse Database Enterprise Manager simplifies the transition from relational products to Matisse by using familiar relational terminology to present database objects. The Database Enterprise Manager tool promotes Matisse superior technology for modeling real-world applications, and for processing large volumes of data as well as for analyzing and reporting on complex business data.

Matisse Enterprise Manager includes an integrated suite of management tools that cover the needs of both database administrators and database developers in terms of:

  • Designing with a richer data model featuring inheritance and relationships
  • Building and extending application faster with reusable SQL components
  • Accessing your data seamlessly in both .NET and J2EE
  • Augmenting operational efficiency with the integrated self-healing capabilities

Database Enterprise Manager
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.NET Platform Integration
Fully integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Matisse enables developers to manipulate Matisse database content in a table format through OLE DB as well as in an object format through ADO.NET.

Matisse's extension of ADO.NET, demonstrates that ADO.NET can evolve beyond the Microsoft architecture to benefit .NET developers. Unlike the standard ADO.NET data provider, which returns data in a table format to integrate seamlessly with relational products, Matisse has extended the ADO.NET architecture to also return data as .NET objects. This feature alone eliminates 30% to 50% of your application code benefiting reducing development and maintenance costs by a significant factor.

To further integrate business logic based upon SQL components in your .NET applications, the Matisse .NET binding allows for the execution of stored methods from .NET objects using standard .NET method calls taking advantage of polymorphism.

Matisse is also providing 'Data Classes' for .NET. Typically Data Classes are used to cache data in a connection-less environment, or to serialize objects for transfer over the network.

Minimal Administration
Self-administering and always running, Matisse was designed to require no dedicated DBA, and instead only require minimum administration once in operation. Many of the tasks that require downtime with the leading relational databases, such as adding or removing disks, modifying the database schema, or performing bulk loads are done concurrently with database activity since no significant performance degradation or downtime is incurred when performing these administrative tasks.

Matisse's versioning engine guarantees database recovery, but it does not use a transaction log file like most other databases. Thus, Matisse eliminates all of the burdensome tasks associated with administering log files, including:

  • Backing up the transaction log or journal files needed for recovery
  • Monitoring the growth of the journal or transaction log file (which contains a replica of every update performed in the system)
  • Running frequent backups in order to be able to truncate the log.

Matisse's minimal administration means that the Matisse database is ideal for embedded or remote systems, or sites with limited IT staff, where administrator intervention is either difficult or impossible.

24x365 Proven Reliability
The Matisse DBMS has been used in mission-critical process control applications in nuclear power plants and complex chemical manufacturing applications for over a decade. In these situations, the Matisse DBMS is required to be available 24x365 with predictable response times and to provide uninterrupted service even while schema and storage changes are being implemented.

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